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Walk like you have three men walking behind you. -Oscar de la Renta Or you could walk however the hell you want because this is the century and our lives do not revolve around men sorry this quote really irks me because its written by a man for women

Sexy #tattooed girl

I"d tell you to kiss my ass, but I'm pretty sure you'd fall in love, and then I'd never get rid of you.

NC!! :)

Always remember: It's better to arrive late than to arrive ugly. The Motto by Which I Live My Life

Unlike haters and stalkers...you know who you are....seek help...you're sick.

Elegance is a statement, an attitude. Elegant women are women...

"Elegance is a statement, an attitute. Elegant women are women of character with confidence" - Elie Saab Quote Stylish Words of Life & Fashion

Nuff said

If you can run in heels, you can do anything! (I can barely walk in runners most days - but I sure can run in heels)

"bitches get stuff done" -Tina Fey

My favorite Tina Fey quote. So true! 25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist


Always keep your head held high.unless you want to admire your shoes then thats fine