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Ist alles...No. Black=MOB.Thy dont have ally's.If true, thy wld py their bill.it is $they owe Dave&I. Ally wld want 2pay their debt owed 2us. Trump stole $cash thy pd 1st time. Thy hv $80B/yr rev n JUST drug sales.Thy can pay it again, ths time w check. Expenses, money we spent or they did not pay me in salary earned, alone is $2B. Thy literally owe these $. We r both deemed, by them, 100% flawless. They r NOT an ally. Do not b confused w some1 using you for their gain, with an ally.

Now that it’s officially fall, I thought I’d continue in my color series of posts and write about black, all black everything. While there’s some debate if black is actually a col…