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Tumblr Bullshit 52 or something - Album on Imgur

Tumblr Bullshit 52 or something

Gay marriage and straight marriage are like bikini tops and bras. They're the same fucking thing but one is socially acceptable in public.

Please stop

FUNBLR -- I fell out of my chair and forgot to breath for like, 5 minutes!

My favorite is "How long until we end up looking like murders"<----- I love " I'm a writer, I swear. Don't send me to prison", personally...

My favorites are 'Is that John Green?', 'Which fandom ruined the hipster post?', and 'spot the vegan'

Annoying landlord

You can't know what abuse that dog might face because of this. Why would anyone shove the blame on a poor innocent pup?

wanna go on an adventure?

wanna go on an adventure? It's like when I claim I am being rebellious by wearing my non approved, non uniform jacket; even though, I've never been to the principals office and am a part of academic honor roles.

Gravity-without it you just have gravy, tumblr funny

I'll get it on my fucking face that is the joke that will raise the messiah