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CG Squirrel | Lorett Foth

This is a personal project I did to study animal fur. I wanted to see how far I can push it to make it look realistic. I tried it in a studio as well as an outdoor environment.


UI/UX designer and artist Zhang Chenxi developed an art series titled “Unknown x Unknown” in which he explores alien life forms.

the cook started talking to a finger puppet as a... - decapitate animals

Men in rubber suits, miniature film sets, and none of that CGI nonsense. Retronaut recently dug up some behind-the-scenes pictures for the Godzilla flicks, and they are pretty darned fascinating.

Russian Flying Squirrel

Conheça os irresistíveis esquilos “voadores” do Japão e da Sibéria

McDonalds Happy Readers by Additive Studios

Client: McDonaldsAgency: LeoburnettArt Director: Will ThackerPhotographer: Nick Dolding

Diamond Soul - Cloud Reality | PREMIERE | Chocolate Grinder | Tiny Mix Tapes

Diamond Soul - Cloud Reality | PREMIERE | Chocolate Grinder | Tiny Mix Tapes

Lumerians.... "What DO You Mean Chris You Picked Up The Wrong Bag From The Dryad Cleaners", Shouted Mick

The chillest way to watch all your favorite Vimeo videos from the comfort of your couch, Lay-Z-Boy® or any other plush sitting apparatus.

Impressive CG Alien Creatures by Zhang Chenxi | CG Daily News

Digitally Rendered Alien Creatures by Zhang Chenxi (Colossal)

Much doge

Much doge

"Lost Doge Much Reward" literally laughed way too hard at this

Deep Dream web interface

Deep Dream web interface

Stuart Semple

Anish Kapoor now banned from using colour-changing paints

Artist Anish Kapoor Banned Again Now From New Color-Changing Rainbow Paints

Chrome has more users than Internet Explorer. This is the first time ever that Google surpassed Microsoft in terms of browser popularity for overall mobile and desktop software.

Chrome Is Now More Popular Than Internet Explorer

#intheform on Behance

Just another personal project done with SideFX Houdini and volume operators. Just bunch of awesome guys that are in the form.

The Potluck Vegetarian: The #1 Best Vege-Meat Dish Ever  My new weblog - The Potluck Vegetarian is up. Still working on the extra stuff in the sidebar, but the first post is up. I decided to start off with Sheila's premier vege dish - Barbecue Tender-Bits. The blog is about potluck vegetarian food - the kind we bring to potluck to feed masses of hungry young people and their families.

Loma Linda Tender Bits (Vegetarian protein bites), I've never heard of these, but I'm willing to give them a shot since someone told me they were really good.