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What's your ideal of a romantic date?

Who's Your Fantasy Lover?

Supernatural, back to the future, and friends

The Vampire Diaries The Originals gLee Game of Thrones The Hobbit Harry Potter Hunger Games ONCE How I Met Your Mother Doctor Who Mortal Instruments Pirates of the Caribbean Supernatural Sherlock The Big Bang Theory Holy crap 15 fandoms.

There is a line that has just been crossed...even though lives have ended May their memories live on.

If I told you.that my movie was going to be horribly inaccurate in every way.would you still read? I loved those books. Who cares about the movies!


I hate when people call Peeta whiny, he went through just as much if not more than Katniss and he handled it arguably better. Peeta is just as much a role model as Katniss

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A GIF of a big fire lit on the beach and a beautiful sunset in the background. Let us imagine for a second that we are there.

THAT #OTH MOMENT Walkie Talkies

That One Tree Hill Moment: when Luke gets his wish: playing walkie-talkies with his brother

Introvert. http://www.sparkify.com/  ------  Yes...but...it leaves you exhausted and in need of recovery!

Introverts are capable of acting like extroverts for the sake of work they consider important, people they love, or anything they value highly. We can extrovert the hell out of something interesting and worthwhile, for a period.