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"My name is Norman Bates, I'm just a normal guy..."

Freddie Highmore, a very talented young actor. Vera Farmiga, talented beyond words // Bates Motel

Norman with his friend Emma. #bates #motel

Norman with his friend Emma.

Bates motel | Bates Motel 102

Norman Bates & Bradly Martin from "Bates Motel" Nice Town You Picked, Norma.

Bates Motel

Norman (Freddie Highmore) answers the door and is surprised to find a handsome man (Michael Vartan) waiting to take his mother to dinner.

(please be the girl and please ignore the name at the end of the gif)  There was an explosion at your school.  A bombing.  You're barely conscious when Blaze picks you up and carries you away from the rubble.  You're not exactly sure, but you're fairly certain the bombing was aimed at you.  Is Blaze a close friend?  Boyfriend?  Do you know why someone bombed your school?  Was it angry rebels?  Government soldiers?  (dystopian, powers welcome but not essential)

This gives me such strong feelings, idk why. I see an older brother, carrying his sister away from someone bad, or someone who has betrayed him/them (maybe an aunt or other far relative who has been raising them). Such a story in one gif.