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Pokemon Gijinka male Joltic!

Galvantula and Joltik www dad and son! and 596 Gijinka

Pokemon Gijinka, Joltik

Pokemon Gijinka, Joltik

Pokemon Gijinka male Stunfisk and ?

Pokemon Gijinka male Stunfisk (who looks like Jean) and Tympole

-Pokemon Center Tokyo- Soon... SOON. I will go to Tokyo for my first vacation while in Hong Kong.

If someone gave me a million dollars and released Pokemon Center Tokyo it would be gone with in an hour *heavy breathing*

personal tumblr • art blog • weasyl • wysp HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME LOVE THE GRASS STARTER SO MUCH, GAME FREAK take me archer owl, take me

A quick sketch of a male gijinka Rowlet and his evolutions. My bird child~ and my bird bae From chicken nugget cinnamon, to fancy boi and then robin hoot ----- Rowlet, Dartrix and Robinroot/Robingr.

Pokemon Xerneas girl

human version gijinka pokemon, xerneas I just really like the bow tbh the rest balances it out but I wouldn't cosplay this. Just the bow.