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The sword on Orion. Interesting idea for nebula or universe tattoo. For similar photos...

The Sword Of Orion ~ The Orion constellation is noticeable for three medium-bright stars in a short, straight row. These stars represent Orion’s Belt. If you look closely, you’ll notice a curved line of stars “hanging” from the three Belt stars.

Blue Galaxy Nebula

Serenity (x-post /r/spacewallpapers) Q: how long can I stare at this before I get bored A: I haven't got to that point yet much beauts


A colony of hot, young stars is stirring up the cosmic scene in this new picture from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

Garden of Stars

Garden of Stars

Flaming Star Nebula: Auriga's flaming star - Reflecting blue star's bright light - Onto reflective nebula.

The Coming of the Universe (God Who Has No Hands). One of the best descriptions and readings that I have found.

The colorful Eagle Nebula taken at the National Science Foundation's telescope on Kitt Peak. Located in the constellation of Serpens, the Serpent, the Eagle Nebula is a very luminous open cluster of stars surrounded by dust and gas.

With the popularity of our iPhone 5 wallpapers post, it was only natural we do an iPhone 6 one too. All of the wallpapers below are hand picked by myself and

Nebula of stars and colorful gas.

Probably the last sound heard before the Universe folded up like a paper hat would be someone saying, “What happens if I do this?” - Terry Pratchett, Interesting T

The Colors and Mysteries of Centaurus A

A supermassive black hole lies at the center of this turbulent mix of multimillion-degree gas, dust, and cold gas in the galaxy Centaurus. Go inside the enigma of black holes with NOVA.