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Grevillea 'Superb' - This Australian-native flowering shrub is great for xeriscaping and blooms nearly all year 'round.

Grevillea Superb - A medium shrub with large flowers in with a blend of salmon, apricot and lemon through out most of the year. Evergreen drought hardy shrubs with attractive foliage and masses of flowers. Ideal for a small hedge or scr

A wonderful looking plant of some variety, as per usual some pinhead removed all info.

A bloom on the Pachira aquatica, commonly known as the Money Tree, which is native to Central and South America. By Maria/Amethist

10 Pcs/bag Rare Grevillea Flower Native Australian Red Garden Home

10 Pcs/bag Rare Grevillea Flower Native Australian Red Garden Home


One of my favorite flowers! Pincushion Protea: Photo by Photographer Jenny Ross

Echeveria: Son populares como planta ornamental de jardín, son resistentes a la sequía, pero se desarrollan mejor con riegos frecuentes y fertilizantes.

Carnival of color: 30 of the most incredible multi-colored flowers in the world

Some folks think succulent plants are boring; check out the Echeveria flowers - Lovely !

Orchid Dendrobium Smilliae

Orchid Dendrobium Smilliae - via Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura - Clusters of green and pink flowers. Also known as "The Bottlebrush Orchid". Native to Australia and Papua New Guinea.

beehive+ginger+(Zingiber+spectablis)+produces+inflorescence+(flower+bracts)+shaped+like+a+beehive.JPG 493×519 pixels

beehive ginger (Zingiber spectablis) produces inflorescence (flower bracts) shaped like a beehive. Bracts turn from green to yellow to bright red. Don't tolerate frost but thrive in warm humid climates. It smells like ginger.

Misty Pink Grevillea Flowers Garden Love

Misty Pink Grevillea (Grevillea is a diverse genus of about 360 species of evergreen flowering plants in the protea family Proteaceae, native to rainforest and more open habitats in Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Indonesia and Sulawesi.

If this isn't the Best known magician in the world, made, I would think I was Hallucinating!  Only God could preform the feat

Eucalyptus ficifolia: Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. The garden supports a living collection of around individual plants arranged in 40 hectares of themed sections. It is the largest scientific colle

This is how the plant looks in real life - no Photoshopping! Tillandsia sp.

Tillandsia Ionantha or Sky Plant a very colorful bromeliad at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL.

Puya Bromeliad

43 Beautiful and Seldom Seen Flowers! UPDATED

Unusual and kinda cool. not many flowers with this color! Puya Berteroniana, a bromeliad native to Chile, blooming blue at Quail Gardens Encinitas ~ San Diego County, CA.

black petunia...these are really neat. Look sharp in my flower beds!

"Black Petunia" I think I need this for my garden! It would be stunning with Bubblegum Pink petunias!