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Charlotte | Nao

Charlotte | Nao

Tomori Nao and Otosaka Yu from Charlotte- such a nice anime~

Anime picture with charlotte key (studio) tomori nao otosaka yuu kousetsu long hair tall image short hair blush blue eyes open mouth brown hair smile brown eyes bare shoulders sky ponytail silver hair holding hands happy

Charlotte || Anime Quotes

Haha I remember why we started stalking, kinda stupid I knew I love you deep down but I couldn't admit it and now I know it for sure // Charlotte Edit Anime

Yu & Nao

from anime : Charlotte Otosaka Yu x Nao Tomori I don't have any of the resource Fav it if you like &nbsp. Charlotte - Nao Tomori x Otosaka Yu


A new key visual featuring Nao Tomori from the Charlotte anime has been featured as a poster in the October 2015 issue of Megami.

#wattpad #fanfiction What happens if Yui wasn't the only girl that came to the…

Diabolik Lovers Yui's Sister - Character Info

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