This unique design features a Haida inspired sea turtle. The Native pattern depicts a tribal sea turtle design that is comprised of flowing lines and elegant shapes. A traditional Native mask appears on the turtle's shell with clawed hands just under the tooth filled mouth. This beautiful pattern is a stylish representation of this wonderful sea creature.

Red and Black Haida Spirit Sea Turtle Poster

Haida raven

Haida raven, by Glen Rabena, Northwest Coast Native Artist

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Related image

Kwakiutl otter | Haida | Pinterest | Otters, Thighs and I Want

kwakiutl otter - still not sure I want to mix artistic styles, but I love this. Maybe put it on my left thigh?


The Humming bird was traditionally believed to be the bringer of good luck and joy to the people of the North West - Native Decals - Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art

TurtleBear by on @deviantART

Me and some friends were talking the other day- about how stories and symbols and characters form all eras can influence people and teach people the rig.

Haida ( Northwest Coast ) tribal forms. Sun. Bird. Fish

I ordered some art card prints from Fish Creek Co. Some more Haida and Coast Salish art for the walls.