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The Dos Equis Guy - Jonathan Goldsmith

Gym humor -- Xena. My childhood celebrity Idol haha

Tv-nostalgie met 'Xena, the Warrior Princess' - TV - Knack focus - KnackFocus.

Xena + Costumes. I love the costumes on this show

Xena, Warrior Princess [various costumes]

This is sooooo me

I love rest day! I usually run on the treadmill. What do you do in rest day?

Last rep - Crossfit Memes

Image result for enfp memes

Image result for enfp memes

brides of dracula by MoRgAn15                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Van Helsing - brides of dracula by

No skipping gym!!

Daily fitness motivation in order to achieve your goals in the gym.

if your first reaction is "she's too muscular for me"...you need to lift more bro

10 Things Not to Say to a Female Lifter, I hear most of these phrases more often than not.

Gym humor

Me at crossfit, everyday

Xena: The Warrior Princess Is Coming Back And She Still Looks Fantastic!

I agree with Forrest! #gymtimegtd www.etsy.com/shop/gymtimedesigns

Get Fit Motivation!

I know exactly what to do after busting my butt in the gym - shower and go to sleep! !!!!!

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Cool daily motivational fitness and health pictures

Tag your swolemate Tag your gym pics with your swolemate

my Studly && his tiny Asian queen bee ;

Um maluco no pedaço

Um maluco no pedaço

Hehe, yup!

Fitness Humor Whoever sneaked the S into "fast food" was a clever little bastard.