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Curls, Curls, Curls!


Curly hair problem - Going to sleep with wet hair, and looking like Hagrid when you wake up. too true.

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Not just a curly hair problem. Straight hair problem too. I know that if I put my hair in a ponytail, it is not coming out until right before I turn off the lights at night.

that and it rains 90 percent of days I straighten mine. It's a running joke for the last 10 yrs.

Love them or hate them, if you have curls, you've probably experienced some of these issues. I encourage you to submit your own curly hair concerns.


also "why do you straighten it? it looks so good curly!" because it's easier to tame my hair straight than the frizzy beast of a curly mane :P

Curly hair problem

80s Hairstyle Pictures

curly hair problem - putting braids in your hair and ending up with an afro.

If I had a dime for every time someone asked this. And that is EXACTLY my first thought too!! lawlz


Curly Hair Prob - Dumb Question, is it natural? - sarcasm goes well with curly hair

curly hair problem

curly hair problem ~so true. i loathe it when people try to touch my hair. i don't touch theirs. why are they trying to touch mine? that is why i have perfected the art of the punch to the throat.

Curly hair problems. Y u no tell the truth conditioner?

curly hair problems

I don't have curly hair but I do have thick hair and a dime sized amount or even a quarter sized amount is not enough