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I love men who smoke this! //Cohiba line of cigars - Length and ring size explained.

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Cubans are like any other cigar. There are good Cubans and there are bad Cubans. It all depends on what you like.

How to Choose a Cigar

Beginner's guide to cigars. I have no intention of smoking a cigar but this was interesting to read. > I don't smoke at all.

lets talk cigar sizes:    Cigars are measured with 2 measurements:    1. The length (in inches)   2. The ring gauge (Diameter of the cigar in 64ths of an inch).     Now that's the easy part. The different sizes also have names associated with them.     Attached is a chart to help distinguish the different sizes and shapes. The rules regarding the sizes and names are not steadfast, nor is the chart a complete list, but its a good place to start.

The guys at Stogies on the Rocks created this Cigar Size & Shape Chart to be a quick visual reference for cigar smokers.

How to smoke a Cigar / Infographic

Cigar always remain the symbol of aristocracy. The demand for cigar remained the same as it was many decades ago. For its great aroma and taste, cigar is all time favourate for all around the world.Like its manufacturing, while smoking a cigar also have f

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Cast Iron Hand

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Cigars 101

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Beer Guide, types of beer, become a beer expert. Ever stand in the liquor store wondering what new beer to try yet thinking whether you will like it? This is awesome

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Ever wonder about all the different cigar shapes or how ring gauge is measured? This week’s infographic is a quick guide to cigar shapes and sizes. Embed code (please be sure to convert quotation marks from curly quotes to straight quotes):


If I smoked Cigars, I would want this! Weekend Leather Cigar Case I don't smoke cigars and I still want this

Cigar Size and Shape Chart. Nice chart from the guys at Stogies On The Rocks.

The guys at Stogies on the Rocks created this Cigar Size & Shape Chart to be a quick visual reference for cigar smokers.