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Good question-some days I would be way prettier than I really am and some days I would be very ugly I'm sure...

It'd kind of be a good reminder if they bleed from the inside out. We would all be a little more careful with our words >> that's an interesting thought

They say "maybe someday" but you never know how long to wait around till its you getting hurt again all over

And its not so much that this is all I've ever wanted.some days.but I am ready for that stupid thing they call love.but it's probably is best to give it up and move on.if it's meant to be , he will find me- SS

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It is funny to me how my friends and/or co workers seem so determined to take these moments away from me. Bless your hearts ---carrie Single Mom Quotes


For certain people it will never be enough no matter how hard you try, and only some will it when you finally walk away.

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If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.) Because You have no idea what anyone else is going through. Be kind, or be quiet. My mom taught me that from day one.

Taking care of yourself and being selfish are two entirely different things.

cool I consider myself a very independent person who prides herself on being strong a. I consider myself a very independent person who prides herself on being strong and self-willed. Because of this I have learned the value of loving y.

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