This will help very much with drawing rapunzel's dress!

flower-gleam-and-gloww: “Rapunzel has a very complicated costume, and good reference photos are hard to come by! I took it upon myself to put together a detailed, in depth explanation of her costume and how it works. I hope it is descriptive enough.

Elsa Shoes Tutorial Eng. ver. by on @deviantART

shoe tutorial - not going to cosplay Elsa but might use this as a guide for other cosplay shoes.

Elsa's bodice

Giving this costume another shot, after making Aurora and thinking of some promising solutions. I made an Elsa costume, earlier this year, but ended up being unhappy with the final results.

This made me laugh

This is what I’m giving teenage trick-or-treaters who won’t wear a costume but still want candy - Humour Spot

Anna winter dress cosplay!

Anna Frozen Costume by PrestigeCouture on Etsy------If in fact you're looking for an Anna Cosplay for an upcoming Con, you're in luck!