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Captain Kangaroo...with Mr Green Jeans, Moose, Dancing Bear...

Boy, I'll say, I loved Captain Kangaroo every morning. I remember when I was young, one time my mother was wanting to dress me for the day and I said."Not in front of Captain Kangaroo".funny how I remember that so clearly.

Fisher-Price School days desk (<a ...

I am turning mine into a cellphone dock! childhood Fisher Price School Days Desk: Just looking at the picture, I shiver because I remember how it felt to scratch my nails on the chalkboard.

Had this box in elementary school :)

I had this exact school box one year. I loved my school box with all the new supplies in it!

The Partridge Family ..I had this album when I was a kid...loved it!

come on get happy. I remember memorizing their Birthday's . I felt so cool having the inside scoop on this info!

Prell Concentrate.  In the tube, too!

Prell Shampoo (in a tube) Loved, Loved the smell! hated the way my hair felt.

Goodbye grey skies, hello blue, cuz nothing can hold me when I hold you. feels so right, it cant be wrong, rockin and rollin all week long..HAPPY DAYS

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