Feet, shoes, text; How to Draw Manga/Anime

It's very helpfull for people who finds hard to drow shoes someone is like me.How to draw shoes (flip flops, geta, and high heels) by JY/circus-usagi (How to draw feet +shoes) on World Manga Academy

how to draw hands2 by nominee84 on DeviantArt Visit their gallery for other hand tutorials

Fist Hand Reference -really helpful breakdown of the hand. i personally am terrible at draweing ahnds so this is very relevant to me and charector design.

how i draw head n face by =nominee84 on deviantART

a quick tuto. well this is just my way to draw hope you find it useful (?aka random guy (c) _________________________________ tools: Wacom L and Photoshop CS >>&.

Female body - simpliest and efficient way to draw it ! - by http://deli-yu.deviantart.com/

Simple Female Body Tutorial, by deli-Yu on deviantART. >> This tutorial is helpful for drawing the torso of a female character.

Drawing Feet ~ wow i need this. http://www.pinterest.com/dabickford/human-body-and-facial-proportion/

-Foot Tutorial- by odduckoasis, drawing feet tutorial, how to draw feet, art, drawing

Tutorial draw lips 3 by ~lamorghana on deviantART

Delineate Your Lips Tutorial draw lips 3 by ~lamorghana on deviantART - How to draw lips correctly? The first thing to keep in mind is the shape of your lips: if they are thin or thick and if you have the M (or heart) pronounced or barely suggested.

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Semi-realistic + anime Eye Tutorial and References by *Qinni on deviantART This is gonna come in super useful when I get back into drawing daily.