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Mohaç meydan savaşı 1526 Battle of mohacś 1526

The Battle of Mohacs, between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. The victory by the Ottomans divided Hungary for the next two centures.

The Battle of Empel or Miracle of Empel (Milagro de Empel in Spanish), by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau.

The Battle of Empel or Miracle of Empel (Milagro de Empel in Spanish) was a battle fought on December 7 and December 1585 near the place of Empel, as part of the Eighty Years' War, in which a Spanish force miraculously escaped destruction.

The death of Harald Hardrada Sigurdsson at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, The lasst great viking leader

After the Anglo-Saxon army made it over Stamford Bridge, Harald Hardrada and his…

Bitwa pod Poitiers 732 r. Frankowie atakują muzułmański obóz. W starciu tym zginął arabski wódz Abd ar-Rahman Ghafiki. Rys. Graham Turner

"Poitiers AD The death of Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ghafiqi", Graham Turner

The Battle of Ain Jalut

Byzantine Knights against Seljuk Turk Riders at the Battle of Myriokephalon

Roman Legion, Ottoman Empire, Military History, Ottomans, Knight, Battle, Geek Gear, Concept Art, Warriors

ottoman warriors by byzantinum

illustration showing tree elite ottoman army soldiers of the Janissary corps in action ottoman warriors

Normans Assault on Harold. The Battle of Hastings : The Norman Assault

William Duke of Normandy’s historic victory over the Saxon army of King Harold on October leading to the conquest of England and the eventual replacement of the Anglo-Saxon dominated society by a Norman French