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Yes our common hatred for the movie has united us and it has only made us stronger! >:D. I agree with every but Zutara

Pokemon On Tumblr Compilation  Lost it at number 3 lmao

OMG I loved alllllll of this! The one with James- Close Close Van Pelt and the ninenine- Van Pelt

Im sorry, theres some ahem..."colorful" stuff but its just so funny!

The very best of Star Wars memes

BloodBorne,Игры,Hunter (Bloodborne),Plain Doll,Кукла,Lady Maria

I still can remember the intens rage i had it's still one of the best games i know and the scares for bigger enemies than me sometimes i ran away like some crazy guy

The logic of Spongebob- there is none

The logic of Spongebob

Excuse me but that is a saxophone. The people tht made this must have been high af.

dog texts...not sure why these are so funny, but they crack me right up.

Text From My Dog

Top 5 Hilarious Text Messages About Dogs vs. Toilet Papers Why do I wish this could actually happen lol.

Crap :)

Warner Brothers vs Disney: Does it matter? They both have Orlando Bloom! <--- no sir, they both have amazing movies. Lotr and Star Wars!

Dump A Day Oh Canada - 20 Pics

Half the reason I want to live in Canada is to discover if any of the stereotypes are true<< i find tgese stereotypes hilarious becuz next to none of them are true!