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Oh my gosh this is so amazing I need this as my home screen background

Film vs Book comparison using iceberg. And this is why I have usually read the book you are talking about but rarely have seen or even heard there was a movie based on it.

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20+ Sewing Room Necessities

Great list of everything you need for a well stocked (but not over the top) sewing room. This is stuff that will actually be used - Rae Gun Ramblings

d8caa6c63537bc22e7a9af540029c8d0.jpg 500×709 pixels #site:top10bestsellingbooks.website

d8caa6c63537bc22e7a9af540029c8d0.jpg 500×709 pixels #site:top10bestsellingbooks.website

Book Hangover...Hate these! LOL!

Book quote - "Book hangover: Inability to start a new book because you're still living in the last book's world". So true, the better the book, the worse the book hangover.

Book :)

"Write the book you want to read. I just bought his book that it's in, Steal Like an Artist.

If it's the only version I can find I'll buy it anyway. If I love it I'll buy the other version when I find it.

I thought I was the only one! I deliberately will go out of my way to buy the pre-movie cover. I literally REFUSE to buy a book with the movie cover.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible & wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers ---Charles W.

Seriously. The movies suck and the books are freaking awesome.  http://www.janetcampbell.ca/

Percy Jackson bookmark "Don't Judge A Book By Its Movie"

I normally try and cut a movie a lot of slack. I try and read books before watching the movies because the books are better. But changing the story line of a book is not cool. BUT I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THESE MOVIES <- Most perfect thing I have ever seen!

Nothing like a great book to get the mind opened to what was, was is, and what may be...ah, it's endless.

so true! i love it when i get lost in the world of books! - "Books build a stairway to your imagination.


The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library-Albert Einstein -ain't that the truth.

Probably the single most fascinating moment that made me a book lover for life as a child. :)

My whole world disappears and my worries aren't important for that moment where I open my book and focus on one thing. The story itself