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What a terrible design idea? What person is inspired by the idea to design a kids' playground toy off the image of children being graded like fresh cheese! But I guess it's sorta funny.


This looks like fun! Dollar bills could sure use more silly faces.

funny puns honey home

I phone, you tube, etc. so punny.

Mama or Papa?

Dwayne Johnson: What's your favorite song? child: Oppa Gangnam style Dwayne Johnson looked astonishingly child: twinkle twinkle little star 144374

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Funny Daily Pictures #CuteDog

Funny Daily Pictures #CuteDog

Worst program ever.

27 Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Tattoos

So so so true, featuring Tough Spongebob

"hey me! ... get that damn camera out of my face ...... hand!"

My girlfriend is always trying to sneak my picture <<< can we all just take a moment and look at his reflection in the car window. He's taking a selfie !

We must sacrifice the frog.

truezodiacfact: “ I work at a big chain bookstore. Someone at another store found this while tidying up the children’s department. ” I blame Miss Piggy. We all know Kermit is the sub and Miss Piggy is.

The Evolution of Sagging Pants - Imgur

Funny pictures about The evolution of saggy pants. Oh, and cool pics about The evolution of saggy pants. Also, The evolution of saggy pants.

There goes Woody..

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear and Woody Bumper Ornament: These little guys are taking a ride on the back of your car! Hang on Woody Buzz will save you!

12 Immature Jokes 14-Year-Olds Might Find Funny (and You Might As Well) Grow up, guys. I mean, really. Lol haha!! — 12 Pics #CheckOutAllPhotos

Putting the F in Fun: (F)art Festival. On second thought, that festival sounds like no fun at all. May even stink.

He Made His Choice - Awww.  He looks so earnest.

These pics show that it's hard to handle kids when they are with you at shopping mall. These kids completely broken the shopping. Check 25 meanwhile kids at shopping mall pictures that will make you lol.

Incredible and Tasty Frozen Yogurt Recipes You Can Try This Summer