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Hardest OCD decision of my life

Ah shizniz...

Hardest OCD decision EVER! This is so me at the gas pump. Must be on the dollar.😱 I can't handle it!

This Will Do Nothing For Your OCD

This Will Do Nothing For Your OCD


Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 103 Pics (even though I love my job xD)

The rats are gnawing away on my brain. These freaked me out.

Too much OCD

I'm not even OCD and they bother me. 13 Photos that will freak out every OCD person - These WILL make your brain cry

Lol story of my life in my truck :/

This is what happens when I drive Josh's truck to the ATM. Lol, although I just open the door and stand on the step :-P

Story of my life!!!

Funny pictures about These Three Stages Of Life. Oh, and cool pics about These Three Stages Of Life. Also, These Three Stages Of Life photos.

INFP we do not like to be bossed but do not want to make a scene either, just quietly do our own thing

18 Little Things That Will Drive You Insane

Funny OCD Pictures To Drive You Crazy but only if you are OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Otherwise you can laugh at the obvious discomfort thatOCD people will get from these otherwise harmless pictures.

Seriously though

Funny pictures about Dear Millionaires. Oh, and cool pics about Dear Millionaires. Also, Dear Millionaires.

I would do this if I ever decided to make valet attendant my new career goal.

Hired A New Valet

They hired a new valet. He's a little OCD. {Color coordinating is awesome} If my mom was a valet she would totally do this haha