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Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 73 Pics Too Beautiful P F-W

funny Jesus said love others like i have loved you do not judge but what if they are gay or believe in different God did i stutter

What? No, these aren't tears. No of course not. I just have something in my eye.....and I was chopping onions......in my dusty attic.......next to some fresh flowers.

A father's message to his daughter about inner beauty and grace. So wonderful. I wish every girl had a father like this.


totally me! I couldn't be fake about anything if I tried - my facial expressions would never allow it.

Please repin ❤️

Was she bullied or did she have depression? If I knew who she was I would have helped her. This is so sad. She was beautiful if she was still alive she would still beautiful.

don't call yourself "Christian" (a follower of Christ), if your harboring and spreading hate.

A gay Christian is not an oxymoron. A hateful Christian most certainly is.

If Jesus tried to feed the 5000 today. (I'm not religious, but can appreciate the humour in this.)

If Jesus tried to feed the 5000 today. There would be so much rebuke and not enough thankfulness!

I've always wondered that. And why did God create us with the ability to question and think critically if he never wanted us to?

It doesn't bother me that you doubt it. What does bother me is when you ridicule me for my beliefs. We should respect each other's beliefs, or lack thereof.