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Baby Girl Hat or Baby Boy Hat Gender Neutral Newsboy Hat WITH 2 flowers and 2 bands Infant Hat Newborn Coming Home Outfit Handmade Baby Gift

Gender Neutral Baby Hat WITH 2 flowers/ bands Newborn Hat Infant Crochet Hat Coming Home Outfit Gender Neutral Baby Clothes Newborn Outfit This

Newborn Boy Newsboy Hat Cap with Brim - Taupe  - Knitted / Crochet - Baby / Infant - Baby Gift

Newborn Boy or girl Brim Hat - Taupe Newsboy Cap / Hat / Beanie - Knit / Crochet - Baby / Infant

Tye dye a bunch of white onesies and you'll save a lot of money(:

Dye a bunch of white baby clothes and accessories and save a bundle! They have clothing dye for sale by the laundry things at most stores. You could do it like tie dye, but just use 1 color :)

add a pool noodle under the edge of the   fitted sheet so it would bumper my rolling children.

Setting up the Home: The Bedroom

add a pool noodle under the edge of the fitted sheet as a bumper for rolling children. Would not trust that for infants but toddlers and younger kids would be a great idea to prevent rolling out of bed!

Jackpot! 85+ of the BEST Baby Tutorials in one location at Sweet Rose Studio!

Baby Week: 85+ of the BEST Baby Tutorials

As part of Baby Week at Sweet Rose Studio, Katie thought she'd round up as many of the most awesome ideas as she could find and so today, She presents to us of the BEST baby tutorials from across the internet.

Knitting Project

Brasil Tricô e Crochê - Handmade encomendas: Colete Toquio beautiful sweater almost makes me want to crotchet, maybe pay someone to make it!

How to make Baby Barefoot sandals. These are adorable! I love how she provides measurements for lots of sizes.

How to Make Barefoot Sandals for Babies

Learn how to make barefoot sandals for your baby! An easy baby craft and an awesome handmade baby shower gift idea. She provides measurements for all sizes.