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Technical update for USDCAD: Re-test over, death crossover?

This forecaster predicts the loonie will hit almost 76 cents, but others who see ‘holes in the Canadian story’ say it will sink to 67 cents

Updating our previous technical analysis for DAX, which was published under the title “

Technical Update: DAX did it, healthy correctional level met!

Technical Update for EURCAD: Target done, thanks to harmonic studies!

In our previous technical comment for the EURCAD (published on April we have defined to be the technical target for the bullish harmonic B.

Apple Wallpaper HD

Continuous updating for Apple: Upside targets done, downside targets done, time to hold on!

الأسهم الأوروبية ترتفع بالتعاملات الصباحية رتفعت الأسهم الأوروبية في تعاملات اليوم الجمعة الصباحية مع صعود المؤشرات الرئيسية بالأسواق الأوروبية. وبحلول الساعة 8:30 بتوقيت جرينتش ارتفع مؤشر يورفيرست 300 لأسهم الشركات الأوروبية 0.54% عند مستوى 1338.14 نقطة. وزاد مؤشر يورونكست 100 لأسهم الشركات القيادية في منطقة اليورو بنسبة تبلغ 0.41% عند مستوى 870.16 نقطة. وفي أنحاء أوروبا ارتفع مؤشر فايننشال تايمز البريطاني 0.28% أو 18.94 نقطة عند مستوى 7005.11 نقطة. وتقدم مؤشر داكس الألماني 0.2% أو 20.98…

The dollar rose against the safe haven yen on Tuesday after data showing that a slowdown in China’s fourth-quarter growth matched expectations, but gains were likely to be held in check amid persistent concerns over the outlook for the global economy.

Technical update for Nikkei: Lower top in play, what is next?

In our previous technical analysis for Nikkei, published on January 17 under the title “Nikkei to breach tough support”, we have discussed the movemen.

EURJPY: Classical setup under technical microscope

Quick technical updated for USDX

Wrote yesterday, USDX has formed a bearish harmonic Gartley pattern with a completion point at while the confirmations basically came from the.

GBPJPY (Update): Neckline breached; path cleared towards soft targets

path cleared towards soft targets