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My love we've passed the first name basis and we're onto pet names.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom hiddleston Just imagine, his you fighting with him and then making this angel cry .

Tom Hiddleston Lands on His Feet - ShortList Magazine

Tom Hiddleston ShortList 2015 Cover Photo Shoot 001 Tom Hiddleston is a Cool Cat for ShortList (Cool Men Photography)

All the Hiddle Things — ancientfinnishgoddess: lolawashere: Too...

Tom Hiddleston photographed by Charlie Gray.

Waffles the cat and Tom Hiddleston get cozy.

Waffles and Tom Hiddleston sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Keep dreaming, Waffles!

Aw, these attractive British men with their pretty suits and their fond use of pet names like "love" and "darling" know exactly how to make my poor little fangirl heart flutter.

Nothing brightens up a Friday like a Hiddles Smile.

Honestly, I prefer Joss Whedon's interpretation of Loki. What Waititi did to Loki is disgraceful. Loki would never reduce himself to be someone's 'pet' or 'plaything', and he is not some 'little shit'. He is a prince, an heir to TWO thrones, the most powerful sorcerer in Asgard, a master of magic, and seeing him be reduced in this movie is so sad.

We all know fucking well that Loki slept with the grandmaster. He was only there for a week and became equals with Valkery.what the fuck else would the grandmaster have him do? He has a oragy ship for fucks sake.


He uses pet names for his fans, it's adorable!

Love how the camera blurs out the guy behind Tom but focuses exactly on Tom! Even cameras can't stop looking or flashing pics of him

I think that's mark gattis behind him! Let him be in an episode of Sherlock!

Pretty sure Zach Levi took this pic while they were filming on location in Iceland...fml.

Tom Hiddleston visits Cafe Loki while filming "Thor: The Dark World" in Iceland. So awesome! Schroeder Schroeder Spaulding Schroeder Schroeder Remember this Cafe?

I had an old manager that would call all us girls "darling."  Now it makes so much sense!

The word "darling" is derived from an Old English term meaning "favorite minion". you're my favorite minion. I just told my boyfriend I love being called darling.

Loki by one of my favorite artists AdmiralDemoy

Another Thor-Loki for a change. Loki - I Never Wanted The Throne VIII

Sooooo... For my actual name I'm his servant, but for my nickname (which I honestly prefer more) I'm his goddess

'Who are you to Loki? I'm his favourite minion!

Hahahahaha that's awesome. That would make a great movie, though.

But bad Loki does everything so well

I can totally picture Tom Hiddleston saying "Hello, Darling..." to his anam cara!

Tom Hiddlestone Photo - The BFI London Film Festival: Closing Gala - Deep Blue Sea - Portraits

Life of a delusional fangirl (aka kpop fan)

Hahaha so true justin bieber!