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The cuteness level of these #wedding day #pups is making my #heart #melt!

This Los Gatos wedding by Anna Kuperberg is a little piece of fluffy goodness. The whole event, designed and coordinated by Downey Street Events , is like a dream and, if it is, I never want to wak.


This is the kind of dog I have, a bichon frise, soo cute!

There are certain traits that define masculinity and what it means to man up that most men and women would still agree upon. Strength, reliability and action are all still core parts of what makes a man's man.

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Oh my Gawwwwdddd! In love with this face! Give me a hound right now!

b8e328b784678ae4623ece3f368839382d8813f0.jpg (623×936)

b8e328b784678ae4623ece3f368839382d8813f0.jpg (623×936)