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The Disney Channel will air a new original movie, Descendants, next year, telling the story of the teenage children of four famous Disney villains. FANGIRLING SO MUCH

Meet The Disney Villains' Kids

BooBoo Stewart: Jay son of Jafar Cameron Boyce: Carlos son of Cruella de Vil Dove Cameron: Mal daughter of Maleficent Sofia Carson: Evvie daughter of Evil Queen

all the disney villains. love them all, yet I know I shouldn't?

Disney Villains

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Disney Villains Collector's Edition

Shadow man is a charter that represents evil and some sort of bad voodoo magic. He just wants the finer things, but he doesn't care how he receives them. All of the shadows behind him represents, that there is more than just one type one personalities one person may have to get what they want.

Doctor Facilier

Facilier A. The shadow man - He is evil. Puts a great twist on The Princess And The Frog.

Wicked and evil forever. Disney Villains.

Disney Villains Collage by on deviantART (Does anyone know what movie the fifth one is from? I thought it was The Sword and The Stone, but Madam Mim is further down the line.

It's sad that one of the only women in all of Disney that actually looks like a real woman is evil. :/

Mother Gothel

The first time I watched Tangled there was something about the villain, Mother Gothel, that really got under my skin. And I kno.

Life-size cardboard standup of Maleficent – Disney Villains stands at a size of 64″ x 54″

Maleficent Disney Villains-Cardboard Cutout

Life-size cardboard standup of Maleficent – Disney Villains stands at a size of x