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Nico-if he doesn't have a POV in the blood of Olympus I will cry <--- well it would be nice to see his character more but if he does not have a point of view I won't mind because he is not my favourite character -don't kill me!

by minuiko: I know Nico has this reputation as this big brooding baby and I see him drawn with such closed body language all the time but I also love that he canonically speaks with his hands <<<This is sort of how I see Raphael too

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I think he would reply with, "I came from there. That sentence you said has the answer in it." << It took me a moment to get that, and then I yelled OOOOOH in a public place

He looks so pained and sad in this picture that it literally breaks my heart and hurts looking at it

You can just feel the pain that Nico is feeling. I mean, whoever drew this (Burdge maybe?) obviously knows the character well enough to express this much emotion in a simple sketch. I love this drawing.

Little Nico is adorable

No that would be weird because its his dad, and then it dawned on me and I said out loud "ohhhhhhhh that awkward guy is a female tree named Thalia!