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Y❤️U are my Star ⭐️

Y❤️U are my Star ⭐️

Good Night LXXV – PadjaMayan

Good Night LXXV

"the best shooting star I have ever seen" ✨✨ Dorset 2017 ❤️

Energy Paintings by Julia... MOVEMENT

Julia Watkins Energy Artist Moon Dancer Energy Painting - Giclee Print Signed By Julia Watkins

Being True To Yourself It's To Be One With Universe !...Staying Spiritually Aware With  Love's Consciousness !...Thus,Naturally Respecting All Beings In The Cosmos !...Being In Balance With Nature Connects Us  To Source !...© Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?... Samissomar

At the essence level all is one, everything and nothing combined in the great void that the ancient Hindus called the Akasha, the Taoists in China call the Tao, and our current quantum physicists call the zero point field or quantum field.