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"big hero 6"

Hiro, to his great disappointment, stopped growing.

2/2 Hiro be GENTLE

and then I baby doodles. baby hiro steers the tadashimobile using the ears.

Big Hero 6, Heroes


albinos-ruined-me: by 二毛毛 ※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

U don't like this, the british one is ugly and the American one is beautiful....why ppl just why

I love this so much- Elsa of different nationalities<--- This is a Frozen/Hetalia crossover

Memory - Part 1 by Blu3berryStar.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt - Tadashi and Hiro from "Big Hero 6" when they were little kids.

Memory Part 1 To be continued… *huff huff* Finally my first Big Hero 6 fan comic, so enjoy! I just can’t stand these two cuties I just HAD to draw them! They’re gonna be the death of me I swear!

I LOVE THAT THEY MADE STAN HIS DAD!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!! *points and squeals because she finally knows who the BUCK that man reminded her of*

ArtStation - Disney's Big Hero Fred's Mansion Artwork, ryan lang STAN LEE THERE!<--- if you fast-forward the credits there is a scene. Fred's father is actually played by Stan Lee, he made a cameo in the movie.

Time To Vote by Morloth88.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt #46

Meg forgot her objective and just had a great time instead. Should have turned the mobile off. Many would have gladly thrown their arms around a lady draping themselves over them, but .