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Oppai Futa Loli Chicken Leg Guy

kairunoburogu:some people said I should do something like this. please excuse my bad handwriting. also this isn’t some much a step by step tutorial as it is a bunch of diagrams. let me know if you want more stuff like this. (How to draw feet by Kyle)

kangarookevin:  nayrosartrefs:  Some awesome leg tutorials done by n3m0s1s.  Because legs are the hardest thing to draw for me. Seriously, I’ll have a character with an awesome upper torso, then spaghetti legs.

nayrosartrefs: Some awesome leg tutorials done. - nayrosartrefs: “ Some awesome leg tutorials done by ”

How can I express muscles in a drawing? Anatomy - Leg Muscles - Work your legs. Largest muscle group in your body helps you burn MORE calories through the day!


Let's stop randomly copying fold lines without understanding the base. --- How to Draw - Tutorial: Clothes and Folds for Comic / Manga Panel Design Reference

Waist Art drawing tutorial

Clothing Folds Tutorial , How to Draw Fabric Folds Tutorial ,Resources for Art Students / Art School Portfolio @ CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at…