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Oh he smiles shyly~ such a cute thing!!


LOTR / The Hobbit. The top is Galadriel and her husband Celeborn who live in Lothlorien. Their daughter married Elrond. Arwen is Elrond's daughter. Rivendell is their home. The bottom tier are the Mirkwood elves. Left is the Elvenking Thranduil and his son Legolas.

Galadriel and her husband *Celeborn; Elrond and his daughter Arwen, & Thranduil and his son, Legolas. The elves of LOTR. *pronounced 'Keleborn,' in Tolkien's canon first initial C is never pronounced with the 'S' sound

There's just so much "majestic" here and Thorin isn't even pictured :P Also, Tranduil might actually be the prettiest...

Between Two Worlds - Prologue

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure Legolas' dad wasn't originally male… just saying

Middle-earth: "Not every girl's prince is from Disney." "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings.

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lotr funny pics - Pic Two

Funny Thranduil, Galadriel, Legolas, Gil-galad, Elrond of Lord of The Rings know how to best nose-less Voldemort and Davy Jones

Elrond, Celeborn, and Thranduil from "Lord of the Rings"/"The Hobbit" - Art by Tenra

Elrond, Celeborn, and Thranduil from "Lord of the Rings"/"The Hobbit" - Art by Tenra:

Dear elvenking

Dear elvenking (My Dwarves)

Middle Earth. I have to admit, Isengard is my favourite because it reminds me of Legolas' remix!

The Middle Earth.

Middle Earth Elven realms are the best looking Though I love a rocking Boromir in Osgiliath Lord of The Rings The Hobbit

I am Legolas (Elf, son of the Elven King Thranduil of Mirkwood) >>> I got Samwise

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