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Necron Overlord

Necron Overlord

A Necron Overlord is one of the greatest and most powerful leaders of the Necron race, and the.

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This is the first finished render of my Necron lord. other view max, Photoshop, Vray, Substance Designer.

front-line-head-line:  Thought of the Day:   We are bound by the blood of Martyrs.

Flayed Ones are twisted and ghoulish terrors afflicted by an ancient infection that act as specialised close combat troops, appearing from an unkno. Forces of the Necron (The Flayed Ones)

And with that we’re done with the Necrons.Later today? Send in the clowns!

And with that we’re done with the Necrons. Send in the clowns!

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captainblacklobster: “Triarch Praetorians are the former bodyguards and agents of the Triarch, the ruling council of the Necrontyr. Now, they are Necron rapid-assault infantry equipped with anti-gravitational packs. As of late they have pledged.

Forces of the Necron (The Necron Warriors) by kokoda39 on DeviantArt

Necron Warriors are the primary infantry troops of the soulless, undying mechanical monstrosities known as the Necrons. Forces of the Necron (The Necron Warriors)


Colored up a Triarch Praetorian and a Cryptek, doing what they do. Original artist is Paul Dainton. © Games Workshop Ltd.

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Necron Immortals

There are now also leaked images from the Necron codex floating around the internet, which of course always happens anytime I am away fro.