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Amazing Diy Garden Path Ideas Tips For Your Home

Starting a garden can be intimidating (or downright impossible if you don't have a yard), but... #indoor #plants #gardening http://greatist.com/health/best-plants-to-grow-indoors

The 16 Best Healthy, Edible Plants to Grow Indoors

Indoor plants add such nice color and freshness to an indoor space! A great reference // The 16 Best Healthy, Edible Plants to Grow Indoors — Take your garden indoors with these edible plants.

Plant Wildflowers  If you want a look that is easy to maintain yet still pretty, plant wildflowers in a flower bed. You won't have to worry about making the area look perfectly landscaped, but you will still have a flower bed that is lovely and didn't take much work. Seeds work well, or you can go with cheap plants. Make sure to see if the plants are annuals or bi-annuals so you will know when to expect them to die off.

10 High Impact Landscaping Ideas For Instant Curb Appeal

Easy plants to grow on your windowsills. Indoor gardening is really easy, and really fun! Every kitchen needs a garden!

6 Plants You Can Grow On A Windowsill

wow! :D Teepee made of grasses and plants #gardening #DIY #kids

Make a Living Teepee for the Backyard

I want something like this, not necessarily a teepee, but a canvas tent or some other space that greenery has grown over! green teepee {a secret gardener}

Oh my goodness...I am in LOVE with this experiment idea!!!!! I can't wait until Earth Day and our Lorax unit!!!! :-)

Possible school experiment to show importance of wetlands/riparian zones! This shows the importance of plants in our soil. Plants like trees and grasses help purify ground water. Without them the ground water gets polluted and harder to clean and drink.

How to Grow Strawberries Using Plastic Bottles                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to Grow Strawberries Using Plastic Bottles

When to plant what. just in case I ever feel like gardening. you never know!Just in case I ever get the motivation to grow my own cute little garden when I'm older. The food would taste so good and be GMO and pesticide free.

How to propagate basil from one singe plant!

How to Propagate Basil from Cuttings

A Recipe for Basil Lovers: How to Propagate Basil . For Pennies! - Can you ever have enough basil? I love to have a big bunch in a jar on the kitchen counter in lieu of flowers!

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10 of the Best Edible Plants that Grow in Shade