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Prim Spring Decor❤️

50+ Wildflowers Wedding Ideas for Rustic / Boho Weddings

[I'd say these are summer flowers, not spring. Whatever the season, it's a great country bouquet.] ~ Brilliant Bright Beautiful Spring Donna's Corner~~Things I Love--FB--Bouquet in the old Ice Cream Churn down by the old Barn ~ "Country Charm" ~ ♥ :)

Do the whole starbucks bottle clean thing... pour white paint in... add ribbon, maybe? Mmm...

Orchard Inspiration

These recycled jars are always pretty. Color Me Pretty: Orchard Inspiration

Favorite Flower (: Yes. Please.

This Is the Perfect Laid-Back Country Wedding

Learning how to dry herbs is fun, easy, and economical. Do you grow and cook with your own fresh kitchen herbs? Drying is a great way to preserve them

How to Dry Herbs with a simple complete step by step tutorial.

Learning how to dry herbs is fun, easy and economical. Drying is a great way to preserve your homegrown herbs to use in the winter months.

Harvest the flowers and leaves of summer flowers to make bee balm oxymel for relief from colds and sore throats later this year.

How and Why to Make Bee Balm Oxymel

If you get cold sores, there are remedies available over the counter to help relieve the pain. The best thing you can do for yourself if you get cold sores

The Hand Forged Oriole Fruit Feeder is great for feeding bunches of grapes!

also they love grapes. could put in suet feeder. tell Bev.

Pretty Daisy Decorations

Milton Backyard Wedding by Young Hearts Photography

4 Ways to Make Lavender Oil - wikiHow

Make Lavender Oil

How to Bake Lavender Cake. Lavender cake is a delightful way to use lavender in cooking. It is important that the lavender is organic (not sprayed) for culinary use. Lavender taken from the garden is ideal but should be washed first.