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If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.

Funny Oh no not you again door mat

love photography funny quote Black and White text shoes white vintage friends Home you b&w black door bw again oh no grey hehehehe Oh no black white welcome Rug tênis mat jajaja life as we know it.

It's nice to dream huh? Seriously it's like these kinds of women don't exist in American society anymore.. most girls & even grown ass women want to emulate EVERYTHING they see on social media, reality tv, & the lyrics they hear in today's "music".. Females have become so lost & comfortable in the false confidences that are so readily available for them to purchase (I.e. bundles, excessive make-up) let's not forget all the spineless men that make them feel that this behavior is acceptable..

When you find a beautiful soul inside a beautiful woman, don't ever let that go.

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Le struggle

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