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Etude du code : exercices autonomes

Articles à propos de Etude du code sur La Maîtresse et ses Monstrueux

Affiches pour les contraires, les synonymes et les familles de mots. #vocabulaire #enrichirsonvocabulaire

affiches - take some time to explore this site; it's a treasure chest of ideas Les coutils Math + français

French phonics bookmark to help reading in French. Marque page aide lecture

fr alecole documents cp divers marque-page marque_page_aide_lecture_cp.

Les prépositions - French - preposition

We used to have a song for "sur sous dans, devant derrière" in elementary school, complete with hand motions, and it helped with memorization ( i may or may not still use this song sometimes to jog my memory in high school french class)