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Pastel Goth Chibi for Lynn by on @DeviantArt

This is Serenity. She has ombre hair with teal and ocean hair and lighter blue eyes. She is a bird lover who is very sassy and flirty with men. She is the daughter of Aphrodite

#wattpad #ngu-nhin Cung Cấp Ảnh Để Design Bìa Truyện Những ảnh có thể dùng làm bìa truyện đều được đăng tải ở đây! Khi các bạn vào đây, có thể yêu cầu tìm ảnh theo chủ đề hoặc tìm ảnh dùng để design truyện! Fic này còn tổng hợp các cách design bìa truyện! Hướng dẫn các bạn design bìa bằng ứng dụng sẵn có!

Cung Cấp Stock Cho Edit Photos - #49: Ảnh tổng hợp HĐ+CĐ

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Persephone and Hades

Night And Day-day rules a kingdom of happiness and harmony kinda like tangled-night rules a kingdom of survival and are nocturnal kinda like moon hunt

⭐️ Throwback! Cause now that Instagram has 1 minute videos I wanted to put a full version up here, hope you guys who saw it already don't mind ~ thanks for hanging around! watercolor, gouache and gold ink. • FAQ account: @qinnih Music: 月の夜の夢 (Tsukinoyo no Yume) by Kamiyama Junichi

vsrsd: “ Artist & Illustrator: Qing Han “Galaxy” 3 gouache Colours (Windsor & Newton) size 1 and 4 watercolour brushes cotton, Cold Press Watercolour Paper, local art store Brand (Opus) W&N.

Me when I'm dumped v-v"

She live in the shadow of a lonely girl. Always so quiet you don’t hear a word. When life is hard and you know how that little girl feels just know people are dealing with much worse.

Anime girl

Saving this so I can remember the idea of the foggy window. I really don't like Anime, but I like how easily this is drawn out, it's a good starter.


Girl DJ Cartoon Character Illustration feeling music this is stunning the colours are so warm however the girl looks more unsure and focused.


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