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A little ball of crumpled aluminum wrap with soap & water for removing old baked on food.

I Will Never Clean The Same After Learning These 36 Genius Hacks

Use foil to clean your glass bakeware: Crumple up a ball of aluminum foil, add a little dish soap, and scrub.

If you think vinegar is just for salads, think again. Here are 10 practical and easy ways to improve your household with vinegar—from cleaning tiles to repelling insects.

10 Handy Household Uses for Vinegar

How to clean dishwasher- pour 1 cup of vinegar into the bottom of the tub and running it through a cycle without any dishes. Doing this once every month or two will remove built-up soap residue and keep it in squeaky clean shape.

Learn the best way to restore healthy gut bacteria and reduce inflammation and other associated ailments with correct food. Grab your pinnable charts.

Best Way To Restore Healthy Gut Bacteria

If there’s one thing I can’t repeat enough, it’s that health (and illness) starts in your gut. If your gut isn’t healthy, you can suffer everything from unexplained weight gain to depression to autoimmune disorders. And way too many of us suffer from thes

Other names foe MSG

Monosodium glutamate is a food additive that might be lurking in your backpacking food, leading to respiratory and digestive negative reactions. Read the labels carefully before you pack your trail menus.

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics - The difference between the two, their functions, probiotic foods and prebiotic foods.

Probiotics vs Prebiotics - The Important Role Each Play In Your Health

Probiotics vs Prebiotics - Find out the difference between the two and the important role they play in keeping you healthy. Weird Trick Forces Your Body To Stop Acid Reflux and Heartburn Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

The ugly truth of fast food!    O....M...G!!  Sorry but this one isn`t a "fun" fact - its scary and gross!!

10 Disgusting Facts About Fast Food

After reading this I don’t think you will want to eat at a fast “food” restaurant again, these incredible though true facts are enough to make me avoid these places for good. Here we give you 10 disgusting facts about fast food. (Why we clean eat)

The beautiful part of writing.

A quote by Robert Cormier which underlines the beauty of editing our writing: "The beautiful part of writing is that you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon.

10 foods you should never eat again  Some of these I'm okay with not eating ever again. But I'd say moderation and every now and then is not the end of the world.

10 foods you should never eat again by The Health Ranger. I'm doing pretty good on this list! I do eat bacon.I get the nitrate free if its on sale and I aim to do better on gmos. It's so hard!

Fight cancer

Thermography– & MORE—-

Men’s Health: Exciting Help for Prostate Cancer Patients Goes High Tech good ways to help cancer cells self-destruct / cancer prevention

How To Make Your House Feel Clean Even When You Do Not Have Much Time

How to Make Your House Feel Clean Even When You Don't Have Much Time. Need some quick cleaning tips for that dirty house? You'll have it clean in NO time!

THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT CANCER: by making simple changes to your lifestyle you can reduce your risk of getting cancer by 2/3! Visit www.rockyourcause.com for more information.

Good News About Cancer Infographic this is what we need, instead of just focusing on how to cure cancer, we need to know how to prevent it!

10 Tips for Better Sleep Infographic

10 tips for better sleep. These are all solid except falling asleep and waking up using your internal alarm clock. My internal alarm clock wants to sleep from My internal alarm clock would never ever wale me up for work.

New World Order – of darkness of the World Elite, part I —War Against Man…

New World Order – of darkness of the World Elite (part I) – War against man, terror, 9/11

Interview about how useful Goodreads is for authors

5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Michelle Campbell-Scott, author of Goodreads for Authors