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Rock Pigeon

The Rock pigeon or Rock dove (Columba livia) is a member of the Columbidae bird family. This bird is often simply referred to as the 'pigeon', in common usage and also known as Blue Rock Dove.

Valencian Figurita Pigeon

The Valencian Figurita pigeon is a fancy breed from Spain. It was developed over many years of selective breeding, and actually originated in Valencia, Spain.

Ural Striped Maned Pigeon

The Ural Striped Maned pigeon is a fancy breed of domestic pigeon from Russia. This breed along with other domesticated pigeon breeds, all are descendants of the rock pigeon.

English Pouter Pigeon

The English Pouter pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon from United Kingdom. It is a tall breed with an enlarged crop.

Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon

The Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeon is a breed of domesticated fancy pigeon. It is called as Aachener Lackschildmövchen in German, and also known as Aachen Shield Owl pigeon.

Galatz Roller Pigeon

The Galatz Roller pigeon (also called Galati Roller pigeon) is a breed of domestic pigeon from Romania. It was originated from the Galati County of Romania.

Racing Homer Pigeon

The Racing Homer pigeon is a breed of domestic pigeon. It is one of the newest and a very popular breed. The breed has been selectively bred for more speed and enhanced homing instinct for the sport of pigeon racing.

Budapest Highflyer Pigeon

The Budapest Highflyer pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. It is also known as Poltli, Budapest Short-faced Tumbler Pigeon and Budapest Colored.