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78th Annual Academy Awards

Annual Academy Awards® posters Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences releases an official Academy Awards poster to promote and co

Голливудские актеры на постерах к церемонии "Оскар 2016" | Vogue Ukraine

The Academy Unveils a Dreamy Advertising Campaign for This Year's Oscars: We all dream in gold.

Golden Hamburger | BRANSCH artist Thomas Hannich photographed a golden hamburger created by model-maker Arndt von Hoff especially for this photo shoot.

Burger by Thomas Hannich and Arndt von Hoff. it had to happen sooner or later. a gold burger.


jupiterian qualities of sacral desire.the ruling planet of the swahistana chakra. The womb of desire, the self esteem to carry out desire! The conscious womb.

Cosmetics Stylist / Still Life Makeup Artist