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Algunas aplicaciones:

Algunas aplicaciones:

Will.I.Am in tailored LED video jacket

Moritz Waldemeyer - Will.Am Tailored Video Jacket //

Wireless baby onesie will help parents sleep better

Rest Devices develops onesie that will help mom and dad sleep better

Yarns and Fibres- Specialist knitted fabrics company, Sofileta's and Belgium's Luxilon Industries have developed a revolutionary fibre that has cooling down properties.The fibre relies on the structure of the base polymer and has hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules which alternate. This means that it can absorb body moisture and release a cooling effect almost pump like. The yarn has been tested and has been found to work by professional cyclists and tennis players.

NSW HSC online: textiles and design: Nanotechnology. The Nano-Tex shirt: fusing science and fashion.

Textiles that monitor heart rate and could control your mood. [Wearable Electronics: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/wearable/ Futuristic Clothing: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/clothing/]

LED textiles with sensors that monitor heart rate and could deliver visual feedback on your mood.

Cloth made of light-emitting optical fiber thread

Delight Cloth, a "light-emitting textile" made from superthin fiber optic strands woven into a sort of tapestry

The definitive reference for those who work with wearable tech.

How to Work With Conductive Fabric

Soft Switching for Electronic Textiles

Soft Switching for Electronic Textiles the idea of being able to control phone from sleeve or somewhere else on the garment