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Wounded soldiers

Message claims that people can send Christmas greetings to wounded soldiers by addressing cards to "A Recovering American soldier" care of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Faith In Humanity Restored. My heart has just been horribly but beautifully mutilated by the actions of your boyfriend.

Grounding exercise for panic / anxiety attack

Used to have very mild anxiety attacks, only had to focus on my breathing and sit with my head between my knees.

okay i hope/think i'll never have to use this but it's interesting so

What to do if you suddenly find yourself homeless ^^ Wowow I can run away with these items im already a YMCA member woo

PLEASE BE CAREFUL<< I don't know if this is true but be careful

With everything that's been happening recently in DC, with all of those black and Latina girls missing, I felt like this was important to share. I don't know how old it may be, but if this happens please go to the police. This is important for everyone.

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I don't know that All hotel clerks would understand or know but I think a quick explanation would clear it up and this is a really good idea.

Antisuicide day! Support a cause! Lost my best friend to suicide when I was 14! I know the warning signs now and will never ever let it happen again as long as I can help it! Depression is a sickness that can fill your head with terrible thoughts. Talk to someone, anyone!

Wear blue and draw a blue heart on your wrist if you are against suicide, suffering with depression or another mental disorder, have lost a loved one to suicide, and your're always willing to listen. Pass it on!

word choice is always very important.

Well it's not exactly my misunderstanding when someone was too stupid to phrase correctly what they wanted so i often say "from what information I was given I deducted that" lol

This Man Was Scared To Help This Woman Being Attacked But Then This Happened...

This Man Was Scared To Help This Woman Being Attacked But Then This Happened...

Don't be afraid to help those in need, whether they're being attacked, poor, helpless, or weak.

Very fun fact. Anyone encouraging suicide can kiss my a**, I'm not letting them hurt anyone.

I feel like you just shouldn't do this because you are a decent human being. But if you aren't a decent human being, remember this.