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Brian Quinn has my heart....that scruff, those deep eyes, that accent, ohh I could go on and on...#Q you handsome sonofagun

Super impractical joker DA DA DA DAAAA q would be the one wearing the cape in the group lmfaoo

Sal Vulcano, everybody. Handsome, well dressed, and funny. What more can a woman ask for? Love you, Sal, and I appreciate your work. Keep it up! <3 #SalVulcano #ImpracticalJokers #TheTenderloins

Sal Vulcano - Impractical Jokers That's a good looking fella right there!

Impractical jokers

Impractical jokers hang out with the jokers oh yeah ♥️👍🌟

The Impractical Jokers

pictures of james murray and the other impractical jokers group. HD Wallpaper and background photos of james murray for fans of impractical jokers james Murray images.

It was right! THE HAAAaaaaaiiiiiiiiiirrrrrr.....

Impractical Jokers preferences/ Imagines - What Turns You On About Him

Q, impractical jokers and brian quinn GIF on We Heart It

Joe and sal doing thumbs up 👍🌟❤️