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Leap Year 2016

Leap Year 2016

Prayer Of The Day – Feeling Overwhelmed --- Dear Lord, I pray for women, mothers, wives, who feel overwhelmed. Life can be chaotic and messy, but you give us the strength to endure. You give us the wisdom to navigate. You give us your Holy Spirit [...]… Read More Here http://unveiledwife.com/prayer-of-the-day-feeling-overwhelmed/ #marriage #love

Prayer Of The Day - Feeling Overwhelmed

 i'll get this down sooner or later...

Inspirational quote -You Can't Start the Next Chapter of Your Life if You Keep Re-REading the Last One.

♥  My husband is my best friend for this same reason.

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Ain't that the truth. Isn't always a good thing, isn't always a bad thing.

A multitude.

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Balance is

Balance is 🗝