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CRISPR tweak may help gene-edited crops bypass biosafety regulation

Agreement to bring whole genome sequencing closer to the clinic

Expanded genome modification roles for using and shortened sgRNAs

The problems of stiener education. Not state funded unlike the rest of europe, and can cost between £1000 - £4000 per term! After chatting with a friend who had a stiener education, I learnt that they dont promote more modern ways of learning via the internet, which is something that is becoming a huge part of our lives.

Specifically, the targeted psychiatric disorders included autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and schizophrenia.

Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticide Runoff in farming is associated with many health risks including cancer and birth defects.

Science Art Printable with Erlenmeyer Flask for science themed bedroom or nursery

Monsanto has filed a lawsuit to prevent California from listing glyphosate-the main ingredient in its widely used weedkiller, Roundup-as a known carcinogen.

The Lower Productivity Of Organic Farming: A New Analysis And Its Big Implications

Government data comparing yields of organic vs. conventional farms finds a sharp yield edge for conventional on more than 84 percent of crops.

Around the world, ‪ and genetical modification research happen at highly respected institutions, not just 'evil' giant, multinational organizations.

Viruses can be used to CURE diseases. The bacterial pathogen is targeted by its specific virus. The virus infects the bacteria and replicates itself until the disease fades away.

A curious pattern of nutritional values disappearing when projects become Non-GMO Project verified. Some examples are below.

Consumer Reports and "green" lobbyists are trying to convince consumers, particularly worrying moms, to abandon soy and conventional milk for organic. Are there science or taste benefits or is this claim?