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hunger games questions - Google Search

hunger games questions - Google Search

And that he lives and Panem which is Latin for bead and participates in the HUNGER Games.

"hunger games: peeta mellark & pita bread" *facepalm* what do you think he was named after people? Everyone in the series is named after something relating to them.

Actually, the reason I took up archery was because of The Lord of the Rings....the hunger games just re-inspired it.

I play with my nerf now and arrow all the time!🏹🏹🏹🏹And my friend used to take archery lessons and she has a real bow and arrow!

This is the sweetest thing to ever happen in The Hunger Games fandom I swear...

I feel like if katniss hasn't volunteered, Gale would've gone in to protect Prim. So the same conversation but Gale having volunteered in Peeta's place.

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Hunger Games Problems The movie was actually pretty accurate. As disappointed as this made me, if a bad representation of the mutts was the price for a good rest of the movie, I'm more than happy to pay it.

Girl on Fire ... Hunger Games Problems @Megan Swan @Kaya Piro-Stoute @Caroline Takaki

Girl on Fire . Hunger Games Problems Ward Ward Ward Swan Designer Designer Designer Piro-Stoute k.

I might start crying right now!

Every time I hear his name, tears start to well up in my eyes! *sobs* It's just so sad!

I wish I knew

In the movie, listen very closely to her interview. People say that Caesar says 'thank you finch' she even has a line then too!

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Of course he didn't. He may not be thinking about her non-stop but I bet a lot of things remind him of her. Like anytime he sees a bow and arrow. Or maybe even a simple loaf of bread, representing the boy who took the one he loved.

I don't even like the hunger games and I wondered that

Hunger Games Problems: You've wondered whether the Capitol aired the tributes going to the bathroom.<<<<OMG yes I thought I was the only one!

But also I thought they said Panem was North America. Katniss said something about they used to call this land North America