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In this country, you can legally buy assault weapons. What does that say about us?    Think about it. We have a national legislative body that fears the clout of the National Rifle Assn. more than it worries about the consequences of allowing people to buy weapons designed for war.

There's no safety in our vast numbers of guns

anti-texting while driving video

AT&T releases dramatic anti-texting while driving documentary

AT&T's It Can Wait texting and driving campaign promotes no texting while driving. Learn more about AT&T's campaign to curb texting and driving and take the pledge today.

3 former california governors  back independent redistricting  http://www.mbtrustlaw.com/

3 former California governors back independent redistricting

3 former california governors back independent redistricting http://www.mbtrustlaw.com/

Yet Trump wants FCC to pull NBC license. Proof that he is in fact a certified moron. Fire that son of a bitch!

"Fox News is a destructive force in our society today." ~ Steve Jobs (R.

Franciszka Themerson in her studio, photo by kind permission of the Themerson Estate, London

Franciszka Themerson’s experimental comic book Ubu, is continuingly graphically shocking and still surprises with the freshness of its drawings, even though 40 passed since its first publication

What Happened to the Bird People | Boston Review (Monique Wetzel)

What Happened to the Bird People

An array of ecosystems will relocate due to global warming, but new research suggests the northward flight of boreal forests could be especially harmful.

Forests flee, dump CO2 as climate warms

Aerial view of the mist hanging in the Tongass temperate rain forest, Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska by Lee Prince, via ShutterStock.

Elie Wiesel in 1987. (CC BY-SA wikimedia commons, Erling Mandelman)

Elie Wiesel b. 1928 ~ Writer and Activist. I went to one of his lectures long ago. A gentle soul.

Bosnian War - Jon Jones - Sunday Times Magazine

Transgender life in Pakistan

As the year comes to a close, it's time to take a look back at some of the most memorable events and images of 2015, concluding with the months of September through December.

2015: The Year in Photos, September-December

A Dutch volunteer tries to comfort a migrant moments after arriving aboard a raft at a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos on October